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‘Working with Start Murphy has been an absolute pleasure! The team looked at the complex and dynamic situation within the business and used their considerable insight and experience to identify the key issues and then set about showing us how we could deal with these problems and move the business forward. Thank you for all your help!’

At Start Murphy, we believe in giving you the support you need now, as well as in the future. Our Directors can provide you with the following:

Financial analysis

When a company is under-performing, is in distress, or in crisis, our first step is to undertake a tailored, objective assessment of the situation and resources. Our review process is rapid and rigorous and will scrutinise financial performance, operating dynamics, asset deployment and management issues. From this, we can then identify a range of options that will have a beneficial impact.

We work with all financial institutions on the disposal or purchase of non-performing loans. Our services include conducting financial due diligence and portfolio reviews, identifying potential investors, and facilitating sale negotiations and deal completion.
When an existing corporate structure no longer meets your business’ objectives, we will identify surplus entities, release capital, reduce operating costs, and achieve a leaner corporate structure. Our tailored approach addresses critical issues, minimises risk, and helps to ensure a smooth transition to a more streamlined operating model.

Restructuring and turnaround

For under-performing companies, we deliver effective restructuring solutions that have been designed to built a platform for swift recovery and sustained future success. We assess all options and develop a plan of action in partnership with management, creditors and key stakeholders. By working together in this way, we’re able to mobilise the resources required for effective implementation.

To help spearhead the recovery process, we can introduce one of our highly experienced turnaround directors. Using our wide range of contacts in the business world, we have brought together the best turnaround executives, each with a strong corporate track record. Their proven knowledge is vital in restoring stakeholder confidence and creating a stable platform for the future.

Our experienced teams help under-performing businesses plan and implement recovery strategies, quickly and efficiently. Whether this involves crisis intervention, stabilisation and stakeholder communication, generating ‘quick wins’ and reducing working capital or designing and implementing a value-recovery plan – our specialists will tailor a solution to meet your requirements now and in the future.

When external and/or internal pressures dictate withdrawal from a country, industry, company, market or brand, our Directors can assist in optimising the value by working alongside you in the design and execution of a controlled exit plan. Our proven methodology optimises shareholder returns, mitigates delays and obstacles, and minimises disposal costs.

To speak with a member of our team to discover how we could assist you with our Business Recovery service, please call 0208 528 1122 or email


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